Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Celebrating Good Times: Parties after Party

         Hey guys! I am so sorry for I haven't updated my blog since August. It had really been a toxic life until the end of our first semester which was just yesterday, October 23, 2012. So anyway, I'm really glad that I survived my 1st semester in UP! Yahoo! 
          Okay, so after the "hell week" (what we refer to as our finals week), it was a one weekend full of parties and after-parties, which was a great sem-ender activity though, where we could break free from all those stress and fatigue. Actually, we still had one last final exam yesterday but it didn't discouraged us from attending those parties. They were really fun and my blockmates and I totally had a blast!
         So there were 2 parties and 1 after-party (okay, okay, I was exaggerating things a while ago :D). On October 20 was Jemimah's debut which was the first one in my college life. It was held at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel and boy it was fun! The after-party was just across the hotel  and we really danced the night away! We're free from stress and the semester's about to end in just 3 days. Truly happiness! We left Eastwood at around 3 am. After getting a not-a-normal-person's sleep, it was time for another party. Selina's Kiddie Costume Party which was held in McDonald's began at around 6:30 pm. So we were young ladies the night before and today, we were getting ready to go back to our childhood. Some were dressed as Spongebob, Dora,  Thor, Piglet, Wizard, Fairy and many more. I decided to come as a cowgirl which was the only costume my closet could afford. The party was fun and we did experience what it was like being a kid again. 
           That weekend's truly one of a kind!

(Photos from SmugShot Photobooth)

Sheer cream top: Forever 21
Gold bandage skirt: People are People
Black peep-toe pumps: Mags

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