Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Chums!

        Hi guys! So some of my buddies went at my crib for a sleepover for I was feeling a bit home-all-alone since my sister went back to Manila. There were only 3 of us: my bestfriend, Chelice, and of course my always-there-company-slash-goofy-friend, Marc but I call him Giging (it somehow stands for gay because he was a bit gay-ish when we were still in elementary).  We also have this group name called "Team Outgoing" because (almost) for the whole of summer, the three of us often meet up and go wherever our feet would take us. Yeah I know it sounds sad with only the 3 of us having a sleepover nevertheless it was a blast because of the goofy one. =) It was also my first time to have a "guy" slept over at my house. They stayed there for only one night. Soooo, here are the photos and some gif's of our silliness. :)
I totally had a blast guys! Till our next sleepover! Go Team Outgoing! =)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Poses for the Clicks

        Hey! What's up? My sister and I had this 'photoshoot' at our garage this afternoon for the sake of posting our very first look on Lookbook. We were a bit worried at first because the weather looks uncooperative with our photoshoot, because for us, a good lighting is really helpful to have a good photo. Especially for our shoot that only my sister's iPhone 4 will be used as the camera. Fortunately, after hours of preparation (the hair, the face, etc.), it became a sunny afternoon and so we were ready. We thought the photoshoot was just a piece of cake but we were wrong, very wrong! We spent hours taking photos with different poses for just one look that will only consist 2 or 3 poses (I wonder if those looks on lookbook also took hours for them to capture the perfect photo). My sister and I took turns in taking each other's photo. After a few poses and photographs (there was no 'perfect-for-lookbook-photo' yet), I was already sweating! Nevertheless, the camera was very friendly to me for my 'sweaty' looks were unrecognizable. Lucky for me! And after grueling hours of posing and taking pictures, it's a wrap! Whew! :)
       These were some of the pictures taken before and during the photoshoot. Pardon the weird poses.=)

Aztec-printed jacket: Thrifted
Black tank top
Brown shorts: Forever 21
Crochet boots: SM Parisian 

My sister's blog :)
Check out my look on Chictopia and Lookbook :)

My World

              Hey guys! At last, my first ever post on my first ever blog :) I'm Jean Rachel D. Ang. My buddies call me Meme/Ang/Anger/Rache. At home, I have this identity as Chin2x (I really don't have an idea why is that so). I am 16 years of age and will be studying BS Public Health at the University of the Philippines Manila starting this June 11, 2012 (Wish me luck!). I'm a girl who loves those typical long walks on the beach and watching the stars on the quiet night sky. I can speak Hiligaynon, Tagalog, English, and Chinese but I'm also hoping that someday I could learn how to speak French and Spanish. I so adore fashion. What I do during my free times? I sit in front of the computer and spend hours checking out blogs and sites (especially and eyeing those chic and stylish pieces they wear. I also love to make some vlogs or video diaries (I so love film-making) and if time's a bit generous, I read Nicholas Sparks novels.
              Just like any person, I have my dreams and aspirations in life. I could picture myself, 10 years from now, wearing a white coat with a cute stethoscope around my neck. I dream of becoming a pediatrician someday. I will have my own clinic, volunteer in medical missions, and  touch lives. I know it's still a long long way ahead of me but I always wanted to be a weapon of God in reaching out to the needy and under-served. If I have reached my ideal "physician's lifestyle", I would also pursue my dream of being a freelance videographer on celebrations, capturing  the moments each one shares, or just do anything related to film-making. I know it seems weird but I also dream of being a happy-go-lucky backpacker, go to wherever my feet will take me, and see what the world has to offer. Lastly, I will also go places with my parents and sister. Altogether, we would stroll the wonderful streets of the world. Nevertheless, this blog will witness how I achieved and will achieve these dreams!