Friday, May 18, 2012

Poses for the Clicks

        Hey! What's up? My sister and I had this 'photoshoot' at our garage this afternoon for the sake of posting our very first look on Lookbook. We were a bit worried at first because the weather looks uncooperative with our photoshoot, because for us, a good lighting is really helpful to have a good photo. Especially for our shoot that only my sister's iPhone 4 will be used as the camera. Fortunately, after hours of preparation (the hair, the face, etc.), it became a sunny afternoon and so we were ready. We thought the photoshoot was just a piece of cake but we were wrong, very wrong! We spent hours taking photos with different poses for just one look that will only consist 2 or 3 poses (I wonder if those looks on lookbook also took hours for them to capture the perfect photo). My sister and I took turns in taking each other's photo. After a few poses and photographs (there was no 'perfect-for-lookbook-photo' yet), I was already sweating! Nevertheless, the camera was very friendly to me for my 'sweaty' looks were unrecognizable. Lucky for me! And after grueling hours of posing and taking pictures, it's a wrap! Whew! :)
       These were some of the pictures taken before and during the photoshoot. Pardon the weird poses.=)

Aztec-printed jacket: Thrifted
Black tank top
Brown shorts: Forever 21
Crochet boots: SM Parisian 

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  1. love you jacket <3