Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Chapter Unfolds

       Happy new year everyone! Indeed, 2012 had come to its end and thus, chapter 2013 unfolds. 2012 had been a year with a myriad of dreams and hopes, lots of memories to be nostalgic with, numerous victories achieved, several transitions that took place, countless firsts and lasts came to pass, and most especially, people whom I will always be thankful that our paths crossed along the way. Let me share to you the 12 highlights of my 2012! Here comes my nostalgic side again! :)

The 12 Highlights of My 2012

1. 100th Birthday of Huasiong
            It was the 100th foundation celebration of my alma mater, Iloilo Central Commercial High School or Huasiong, on February and our batch was really lucky to have the chance to be part of this grand celebration. Because it's grand, CAT officers were always in demand. I will never forget those early morning and late night duties we had during the week-long celebration which was filled with activities. We barely had the time to practice for the contest at the end of the week. Nevertheless, cramming's on its way. The night before the competition, we haven't started any worth watching choreography yet and we still had our duty. The moment we were dismissed, we began to practice with our combat boots and oh-so-hot uniforms on (No time to change!) at my friend's house until around 3 in the morning. All of us felt like we were in cloud 9, literally! Our minds were already wandering around the place and our bodies thirst for a real good night sleep. At last, when we finished our practice, we still wandered through the cities and towns, dropping my friends at their own respective homes. Imagine, it was around 3 or 4 in the morning! Anyway, we won 3rd place! Yay! Not bad for a 5-hour practice! :)

2. Last Junior-Senior Promenade
           It was my last high school prom and guess what, my classmate and I still had a contest to prepare for the next day. How cool is that? Or shall I say, how doomed is that? Nah, I'm over exaggerating things again. :) Okay, so after prom, I and my friends went to our hotel and changed to our casual outfits. I just strolled with them for a while and after that I decided to go back to our hotel and, wait for it, study for our competition. Oh well, we didn't won though. Let's just say, we still had our prom hangovers! 

3. Elected Centennial Batch President
         Frankly speaking, I had no intention to run for such a prestigious position, the centennial batch alumni president. Come to think of it, this title and responsibility is a huge one and it is forever yours. However, I had no choice but to accept my batchmates' verdict. What can I do? I just have to accept the position and the duties and responsibilities that lie within wholeheartedly. In fact, it is really a great honor to be on this position, to know that my batchmates gave me their trust in leading the way, and to know that years from now, I will be the one in charge for our grand reunion. 25 years from now? That might not be far from today though. :)

4. Graduated with Flying Colors
          No words can express how happy and thankful I am for the blessings that God has given me. It was not only me who was filled with joy but also my parents and my sister who were always there for me. The moment I stepped on stage with my parents beside me was very enchanting that until today, I can't help but smile when that one big milestone randomly flashes itself back in my mind.  Nevertheless, graduation was the bittersweet ending of my most precious stage in life, high school. It's official. We survived the jungles of high school life. It was time for us to move on to the next level which is quite more challenging than what we were used to for the past 12 years. Oh well, may the odds be ever in our favor! :)

5. Farewell Party: Our Happy Ending
       It was the first time that almost whole of Orchid had a sleepover together. Of course, special thanks to my friend's residence, equipped with a pool, sleeping place for the class, and a great entertainment set. What's more to ask for? Although the class was not complete, it was still a memory that's always worth reminiscing. :')

6. The Birth of
          As part of my post grad life, I really had nothing to do at home so my sister and I thought about having our own blogs which was our dream not so long ago. And ta-da! The birth of my very first blog! Unfortunately, due to some time constraints, I had not updated the blog for a while. My apologies :). Just keep posted guys! Gonna update this again soon! :)

7. UP, Here I Come!
         So there goes my summer free of worries and xiao kai (the Chinese writing we do every summer). It was filled with mixed emotions though, thinking when June arrives, it will never be the same again. All of us were busy preparing for enrollment stuffs. I flew back and forth to Manila to get some of my college done. By the end of May, I already got my school ID. I was officially enrolled! Thus, journey in the college world began.

8. Transition of My Transportation
        Back in my province, school was almost an hour away so my parents always drive me there but now, I had to endure the pollution on the streets, the jostle in trains, the traffic, the fuss of transportation. Anyway, I had no choice since I was the one who wanted to study in this environment. On the brighter side, it's also nice to be in a new surrounding.

9. Freedom in Enchanted Kingdom
         College was getting stressful and there are times when we wanted to break free from all those worries and problems. It was the birthday treat of my blockmate and it was awesome. "No" wasn't on my dictionary during that day. I was game for all the rides in the theme park. Anyway, you could read more about my first EK experience on my older posts here. :D

10. At last! Field trip!
         To be honest, the last legit school field trip I had was in pre-school. No kidding. Anyway, this was the very first field trip I had and it was an overnight. Yay! Happy kid here! We left Manila early and began our trip to Quezon. I really enjoyed the company of my blockmates on 5-hour bus ride even though all we did inside was sleep, eat, and play. The only downside of the trip was that we had an exam the day after that 2-day tour. Oh well, that's life! :)

11. Survivor of the First Semester
        Oh yeah! All my hard work had pay off. Indeed, I ended the sem right. I was extremely happy when I got my class cards. Hopefully, I could also handle the challenges of 2nd semester as well. Wish me luck! :)

12. Realizations Made
           As we get older, life gets harder. It's true. You might be used to an easy life back in high school, but challenges will always come your way. Then that's the time when you will come to realize that life indeed has it's ups and downs. Based on my first few months in college, I already had so many self-realizations. But whatever happens, I just turn to my family for their words of encouragement and most especially to God for His guidance. I have faith in Him. That's the way I do it. :)

         And that's it friends, the highlights of my year! Oh, and by the way, I am now a 10-kilometer run finisher. Thanks to Nike for that awesome experience! :) I can say that 2012 is one of my best years. It's not just an ordinary year, in fact, it was really extraordinary. A lot of things could really happen in a year. A lot. To end my post (the longest so far), here's a short vlog my sister and I made after the new year celebration. Cheers to a fruitful and hyped up 2013!