Sunday, August 26, 2012


       Hey! So I just had my very first Enchanted Kingdom experience yesterday and without doubt, it was really a blast! It was birthday celebration of my blockmate so it was expense paid at EK. We left Manila at around 1:00 pm. I was so hyped up by the almost 2 hour road trip we had in going to Laguna. At around 3pm, the enchanting adventure began! I was all ready to take on the extreme rides of EK! Bring it on!
         Okay, so my very first ride at EK was the Carousel. Extreme I said. Anyway, we also tried the Dodgem or Bump Cars. Although I already experienced riding bump cars in Iloilo and China, it was  still fun though. Next stop? The Anchors Away! Shouting all your "fears" really helps. Although there was a long line at the Space Shuttle, we were still eager to wait just to try this "mind-blowing" and "soul-leaving" ride. I was a bit nervous at first but it was really fun to the highest level! I also had this photo where I had a distorted face or shall I say epic face during the ride. Next in line was the EKstreme Tower Ride . The name says it all. You could see almost the whole of EK when you're already on top but don't be carried away by the wonderful view. Be very aware when you're about to be dropped because it just falls down all of a sudden. After those rides that surely will make you feel dizzy, it was already getting dark but I was still game to try all the remaining rides. The Roller Skater was a mini version of a roller coaster. It wasn't that scary though. We only tried it while waiting for the others so we won't waste time. The line was endless for Rio Grande Rapids. Exaggerated much. Anyway, we waited patiently just to get our clothes wet. The fun part was getting wet with the unclean water. And guess what? I was the victim of the very first wave splash. Okay, so we were all wet and wild. We decided to ride the Flying Fiesta so we could let our clothes at least a bit dry. We also got our shrieks ready for the Shake, Rattle and Roll where we entered a haunted house. It was not scary but I was still frightened because I was a bit one of those "scaredycats", especially when my friends are also screaming. I also scream with them. Almost there! The Jungle Log Jam was so fun that we really tried it twice. We just grabbed the opportunity because there were just a few people. We also had the right timing for the fireworks display. Our log was just silently sailing through the waters while we were mesmerized by the wonderful fireworks. The amusement park was already closing but we still had the chance to ride the Wheel of Fate. We adored the view from above. It was our last ride before we depart the magical place. We left EK at around 9:30.
          Upon arriving at the bus station, we were worried when the people there told us that there was already no bus left going straight to our place. But there's still this one option, bus and jeep. We had no choice. We traveled back to Manila at around 10 in the evening.
       After the long ride back home, I was already burned out but still, the fun moments and adventures we had dominated over our exhaustion. Thank you PHriends for making my very first EKstreme experience a blast and most especially, a noteworthy one.          

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rain Drops Keep Falling In My Heart

        Hi everyone! It's been a while since I last posted here. It had been a bit of "toxic" for me this week because I've been reviewing for our Departmental Exam in Math 17 which was supposed to be this Friday but it was cancelled due to weather circumstances. We even had this "really-hoping feeling" while we were waiting for our chancellor to announce if he would really suspend the classes. Anyway, so we had no classes for 3 straight days. I was partly happy for I sill had time to study but then there's this side for the frowning face to come in for the fact that I was jealous with the other students because they can just sleep the whole day without worrying about an exam. I swear I really need some sleep already! 
      Oh well! Enough of this ranting. While taking a break from studying I had no choice but to watch TV. Watching it just gave me mixed emotions. Instead of feeling bad, I just thought to myself: "I'm still dry." I was just thankful that I was in a safe place. That's all. Thousands of Filipinos were already fighting for their lives and worst, losing their lives. Knowing that the first floors of some hospitals were already flooded, electricity went off, and that some of the patients were getting worse, it feels awful that all you can do is to pray for the people's safety. Our "prayers" for suspension of classes might have worked but then they say: "Be careful what you wish for, 'cause you just might get it." What did we get? Yeah, we got our suspension of classes, but the consequence of this wish is that many have lost their properties and lives. 
        In spite of the chaos that the southwest monsoon had caused in the Philippines ( take note: it was only a monsoon and not a typhoon according to the PAGASA ), Filipinos can still manage to wave and show their pearly whites when there's a camera focused on them. One unforgettable scenario I will never forget is this grandma interviewed on TV. She told the reporters: (not exact words though) "Kahit bumabaha na, happy pa rin ako kasi makukunan ako ng video ng ABS-CBN at lalabas ako sa TV." And so I conclude, Filipinos are such happy people. :">

(Photos from Google)

 UP Manila is accepting donations for the victims of the flood. Kindly check out the posters for more details. 
Filipinos unite, just hold on tight. =)

             We decided to roam around the streets of Manila this morning to ask for donations for the monsoon victims. After an hour or two of walking, we were already feeling a bit tired for the reason that the rain had stopped so the sun peaked out. Nevertheless, we had raised an enough amount of cash. Not bad at all! All these things we did were all worth it. =) 

(Photo from my blockmate)