Friday, May 18, 2012

My World

              Hey guys! At last, my first ever post on my first ever blog :) I'm Jean Rachel D. Ang. My buddies call me Meme/Ang/Anger/Rache. At home, I have this identity as Chin2x (I really don't have an idea why is that so). I am 16 years of age and will be studying BS Public Health at the University of the Philippines Manila starting this June 11, 2012 (Wish me luck!). I'm a girl who loves those typical long walks on the beach and watching the stars on the quiet night sky. I can speak Hiligaynon, Tagalog, English, and Chinese but I'm also hoping that someday I could learn how to speak French and Spanish. I so adore fashion. What I do during my free times? I sit in front of the computer and spend hours checking out blogs and sites (especially and eyeing those chic and stylish pieces they wear. I also love to make some vlogs or video diaries (I so love film-making) and if time's a bit generous, I read Nicholas Sparks novels.
              Just like any person, I have my dreams and aspirations in life. I could picture myself, 10 years from now, wearing a white coat with a cute stethoscope around my neck. I dream of becoming a pediatrician someday. I will have my own clinic, volunteer in medical missions, and  touch lives. I know it's still a long long way ahead of me but I always wanted to be a weapon of God in reaching out to the needy and under-served. If I have reached my ideal "physician's lifestyle", I would also pursue my dream of being a freelance videographer on celebrations, capturing  the moments each one shares, or just do anything related to film-making. I know it seems weird but I also dream of being a happy-go-lucky backpacker, go to wherever my feet will take me, and see what the world has to offer. Lastly, I will also go places with my parents and sister. Altogether, we would stroll the wonderful streets of the world. Nevertheless, this blog will witness how I achieved and will achieve these dreams!

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