Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Chums!

        Hi guys! So some of my buddies went at my crib for a sleepover for I was feeling a bit home-all-alone since my sister went back to Manila. There were only 3 of us: my bestfriend, Chelice, and of course my always-there-company-slash-goofy-friend, Marc but I call him Giging (it somehow stands for gay because he was a bit gay-ish when we were still in elementary).  We also have this group name called "Team Outgoing" because (almost) for the whole of summer, the three of us often meet up and go wherever our feet would take us. Yeah I know it sounds sad with only the 3 of us having a sleepover nevertheless it was a blast because of the goofy one. =) It was also my first time to have a "guy" slept over at my house. They stayed there for only one night. Soooo, here are the photos and some gif's of our silliness. :)
I totally had a blast guys! Till our next sleepover! Go Team Outgoing! =)

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