Sunday, December 9, 2012

Forever in December

         Hey guys! Okay, so I came in this world on the 8th of December, year 1995 and yesterday was just my 17th birthday celebration. I started my day with a duty (as a volunteer) at the Philippine General Hospital for two hours and then went to a Bird Watching Forum. In the afternoon, Antoinette, Bea and I went skating and we just glided on the ice for a while. During the last few hours of my birthday, we had a dinner at Samgyupsalamat, a Korean restaurant, and boy it was such a scrumptious one! And at last, I made my wish and then blew my 17th birthday candle! I thank God for giving me 17 fruitful years of love and friendship. Now, another year has been added to my age again. Oh well,  I'm getting older and a bit wiser I guess. :)


Tribal cropped top: Forever 21
Denim button down shirt: Thrifted
Colored jeans: Forever 21
Crochet boots: SM Parisian

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